[headline_georgia_medium_centered color="#000000"]Methods For Making Money[/headline_georgia_medium_centered][headline_arial_small_centered color="#000000"]Sharing ways for the “average Joe” to make a passive income online[/headline_arial_small_centered]

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My name is Cliff. I am a pop/dance music producer/songwriter, and an internet entrepreneur. I have been making money online since the early 2000′s. I have been fortunate enough to create a nice passive income for myself and I now get to live a life that many people dream about. I have a wonderful family who I get to spend a great deal of time with due to my passive income, I drive my DREAM car(a convertible Ferrari), and I make money passively while I do the things I love to do.

People see me cruising around town in the Ferrari, surfing while everyone else is working their “real” job, or just chilling at Starbucks in the middle of the day and they always ask me the same question. It is the same question that Will Smith’s character asked the guy who pulled up in a Ferrari on the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”.


[headline_cufon_font_centered color="#000000"]“What do you do, and how do you do it?!”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Ferrari 360
My Ferrari


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There are SO many sites claiming to show you methods for making money on the internet, and they are nothing more than scam sites trying to get your money. BELIEVE ME, I know!!! I have bought God only knows how many courses and ebooks only to be disappointed.

I LOVE to see other people making money and living lives that only a passive income stream can provide. I have mentored many people over the years and helped a number of my friends start their online businesses. Over the last several years, I have had numerous people ask me to share some methods for making money on the internet with them. I decided to put this site together to feature and review programs that I am familiar with, written myself, or have tested out and reviewed myself.

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[headline_cufon_font_centered color="#000000"]I like to find ways to make money that meet the following criteria:[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

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  • No difficult websites to design
  • Provides residual income
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Little to no start up costs


I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars and THOUSANDS of hours learning how to and perfecting my money making methods over the last few years. I test new products all the time. I hope to provide only the best of  the best on this site. If I promote a product I have tested, I will give an HONEST review. If it is a product that I have NOT tested, I will let you know. Hopefully you guys can learn a bit from my mistakes. Be sure to read through my blog posts, and be sure to check out the “About Me” section to get a bit more info about me and my life.

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